Oh, and I also did a reading

Among all the other things that were happening last week, I forgot to mention possibly the one that was most fun: I gave a reading! It was Green College‘s 20th anniversary celebration (that’s the place where I’m living while I’m in grad school), so I helped pull together a reading by current and previous residents as part of the festivities. And this was a great group of writers: Madeleine Thien, Laisha Rosnau, Wayde Compton, and Ngwatilo Mawiyoo. (And then there was me.) Seriously, these people are fantastically talented; check out their work.

I read a little from my work-in-progress, which is also my thesis (my first draft is with my advisor; I’m simultaneously eager for and dreading the feedback). That was a first; I can’t think of a time I’ve ever read out loud something that no one else has seen (except in workshop and with my writing group back in St. Louis, but that’s what they’re there for). Luckily, everyone seemed to like the passage I read.

That, or they were being really polite.

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